High Waist, Bye Ostomy

Since my proctocolectomy (total removal of the colon and rectum) last October, I have been obsessed with high waisted everything and anything!  I wear high waisted jeans, skirts, underwear, swim suits, yoga pants, shorts, Spanx… Basically, anything you can wear on the bottom half of your body hits me 2 inches above my belly button, and it is amazing.

Benefits of the high waist for an ostomy girl:

  1. Serves as an Invisibility Cloak* for my ostomy, completely hiding it from anyone that doesn’t (or does) know it is there.
  2. Protects the thing like Fort Knox by adding additional layers, coverage, and ultimately, a feeling of security.
  3. Hits higher than the middle of my stoma unlike regular pants, which cause my bag to balloon above the waist band and create an awkward bulge….
  4. Allows me to tuck in the new layer of fat my belly has developed now that my body absorbs nutrients vs. pooping them all out.
  5. Provides ultimate ostomy comfort.

* Yes, that is a Harry Potter reference…

Below are a few of my favorite high waisted, ostomy concealing, bottoms:

Super High Rise True Skinny Jeans from Gap.

gap jeans

These jeans are beyond versatile and Gap sells a few varieties in a range of colors.  I tuck my shirts in, or leave them out, but never worry about someone figuring out my dirty secret.

Literally, Every High Waisted Swimsuit Bottom from Albion Fit.

albion fit

Albion Fit sells the. most. adorable. high waisted swimsuits!  Their one pieces are fab, as well!  You will only be remembered for being the cutest bum at the beach when wearing an Albion Fit suit!

Lisette High-Waisted Leggings from Fabletics.


Not only are leggings from Fabletics the best quality leggings (workout or leisure) that I have ever laid my hands on, I also truly forget I have an ostomy when wearing these.  The compression in these leggings offer just enough pressure to keep my bag laying smooth without restricting the necessary “flow” of Mother Nature.

These opinions are completely my own and these companies did not pay me to feature their products or write these reviews (although I wish they would – hint, hint)!

Buy these.  You can thank me later!